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Nantou County Yingpei Junior High School

Nantou County Yingpei Junior High School was founded in 1999. It is a novel junior high school, which is located in the area of the early central government in Taiwan and surrounded by rich cultural and historical sites. It is a well-planned community with an eleglant environment, where the residents have high living and cultural standards. At the establishment of the school, it was founded on character education and English teaching courses, which focused on the exploration and display of mutiple intelligences. Through the cooperation and discussion of the teachers’ teams and elaborately planned learning processes, students can be equipped with good discipline, lifelong competences to keep pace with time, capabilities of learning to take with them, and abilities to adapt to future challenges.


In 2023

Our teacher staff: 50 local teachers and 1 foreign teacher.

The photo of our teachers

The photo of our teachers

Students: There are 15 classes ,345 students in total.


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